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Yalla, Yalla is an Iranian folk song reinterpreted by the percussionist Shamou. In a humble wooden shack located at the Seeds of Peace Camp, Shamou presented the song to the artists participating in the project. The transaction was nothing short of phenomenal. Instantaneously, the group came together as a sound spanning from the east and west arose in the evergreens surrounding the cabin. This live recording captured by documentary filmmaker and participant, Ajay Noronha, is an attempt to share the exuberance of the music and our passion to work together.

- Ami Yares


Farsi Transliteration

Yalla, yalla, yalla,
Ay delbare ziba
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Make haste, make haste
O, beautiful keeper of hearts
Lessen our wait
Lessen our anticipation
Lessen our wait
Lessen our anticipation


from We Make the Road By Walking, released November 26, 2015
Yalla Yalla is an original composition by Shamou, and Shamou is the sole copyright holder. Shamou is an ASCAP member.

Main Voice: Shamou
Viola: Shoshana Gottesman
Acoustic Guitar: Aaron Shneyer
Acoustic Guitar: Ami Yares
Bass Guitar: Tamer Omari
Oud: Ghassan Birumi
Percussion: Shamou
Percussion: Mohammad Taha
Slide Guitar: Avi Salloway
Cello: Hadass Aharon
Recording: Ajay Noronha
Mastering: Alain Paul & Ami Yares




We Make the Road By Walking Portland, Maine

All songs are available as "donation only." All proceeds go to directly supporting the Seeds of Peace Educators Program for the Expressive Arts.

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