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Yuma is more than a song for me; it’s a life experience of mine that affected me during my time at the Seeds of Peace Educators Course, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. For me, Yuma combines pain and pleasure at the same time. I feel painful when I listen to this song, because it talks about injustice and how a person would prefer to be hit with daggers than to feel oppressed. On the other hand, singing this song at Seeds of Peace with amazing musicians from different countries and backgrounds, different cultures and religions, made me feel pleasure. I realized that with all of these differences, music and singing was the common language among us, and it felt more powerful to put aside all of our differences to work together in the spirit of love and peace.


لارا عليان
يما مويل الهوا يما مويليا

ضرب الخناجر ولا حكم النذل فيا

ومشيت تحت الشتا والشتا رواني

والصيف لما أتى ولع من نيراني

بيضل عمري انفدى ندر للحرية

يما مويل

يا ليل صاح الندى يشهد على جراحي

وانسل جيش العدا من كل النواحي

واليل شاف الردى عم يتعلم بيا

يما مويل الهوا

بارودة الجبل أعلى من العالي

مفتح درب الأمل والأمل برجالي

يا شعبنا يا بطل أفديك بعينيا

يما مويل الهوا


from We Make the Road By Walking, released November 26, 2015
Vocals: Manar Zimmo
Back up vocals :Ghassan Birumi
Viola: Shoshana Gottesman
Bass Guitar: Tamer Omari
Oud: Ghassan Birumi
Percussion: Mohammad Taha
Acoustic Guitar: Ami Yares
Mixing: Ami Yares
Mastering and Magic: Alain Paul




We Make the Road By Walking Portland, Maine

All songs are available as "donation only." All proceeds go to directly supporting the Seeds of Peace Educators Program for the Expressive Arts.

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