We Make the Road By Walking

by We Make the Road By Walking

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In summer of 2012, 35 artists from 9 countries came together to explore the role of the expressive arts to transform conflict and build equal social relationships across differences. Over the course of 10 days through a partnership between Seeds of Peace and the Transcendence Project, these artists and educators shared and uncovered their multiple narratives, while also developing educational tools to address the psycho-social needs of youth in places of conflict and systemic injustice. A cumulative performance of music, spoken word, visual arts, and theater showcased their co-creations, bearing witness to multiple narratives, and personal and collective struggles and triumphs for home and freedom. This album is the continuation of that performance through a two-year, multi-location recording and music production process spanning across the United States, Germany, India, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. Each song has a story. Each musician has a story. By interweaving the two, we recognize the humanity and dignity within each of us, and our responsibility as educators and artists to make the road by walking.

Album Forward:

We Make the Road by Walking -- The journey is long, and perhaps never-ending. This is the essence of co-creation, a process always moving, shaped by its surrounding realities while also shaping its environment to create what did not exist before. We Make the Road By Walking is a sonic glimpse into the lives of educators and artists living amidst conflict and systemic injustice seeking to challenge what is deemed permanent and unchangeable within ourselves and our communities. This album symbolically represents the necessary journey of recognition, dignity, and humanization to realize a just peace. Though we are not there yet as violence, fear, occupation, and inequality persist, we invite the listener to open their ears to hear the untold stories and witness the humanity and dignity within each of us. It is from here that we all can make the road by walking. Join us.


released November 26, 2015

Recording: Ami Yares, Tamer Omari, Gavri-Tov Yares, Avi Salloway, Manar Zimmo, Ghassan Birumi, Mohammad Taha, Micah Hendler
Kela Sappir, Yoram Bitton, Aaron Shneyer, Gulan Kripalani
Hadass Aharon, Shamou, Emilia Dahlin, Shoshana Gottesman

Mixing: Ami Yares
Mastering: Alain Paul Mastering




We Make the Road By Walking Portland, Maine

All songs are available as "donation only." All proceeds go to directly supporting the Seeds of Peace Educators Program for the Expressive Arts.

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Track Name: Beija Flor
Oh Beija Flor
You transcend
And no one can take the levity which you defend
So few believed that you'd ever fly
Now no one can take the gravity that you defy.

Where houses stack like dominoes
And alleys know the secrets that no one else knows
And thick in the air, competing with the sun
Hangs a cloud of despair

The city swells
And swallows you whole
But you won't be eaten alive
It's not your time to go.

Just like a kite,
You transcend.
When the wind gusts
You sway and bend
The harder it blows
The higher you go
Just like a kite,
You transcend.

Taking matters in your own hands
Standing in the face of so many fears
People can't be done
Undoing what's been done through all of these years

What you perceive
Will be revealed
When you follow the path inside
That only you feel

Oh Beija Flor
Que trancener
Ningunim robar a leveza que defender
Deserram que no podia robar
Ningunim desfiar a gravidade que e tomar

Oh Beija flor
Que trancender
Com temporal envergar e voce balencar
Quado mais sopra no alto flutuar
Como uma pipa no ar
Como uma pipa no ar…
Track Name: Silent Scream
I had gone there for the first time
Everyone had been so
kind, warm, hospitable
Still: us and them
Supposed to be enemies
Families torn apart
by arbitrary maps
On the flight back, late at night
I looked down
and saw a long, long line of lights
in the absolute darkness
The line started I don’t know where
disappeared who knows where ...
... An unending line of lights
I asked the person sitting next to me
if he knew what it was,
He said “It is the border.
We put lights along the partition.”
Blackness on both sides
and the line of lights – a wall
Like a silent scream
Track Name: Refugee
You’re a refugee, almost proud to be free
But you’re just about imprisoned by your poverty
You’ve built a home from the ashes of the old
And in a bag you still carry almost all that you own

Your guard is up and you watch for forked tongues
You’re careful about the careful changing in the streets
There’s a different beat to the rhythm of your heart
And it carries the rhythm of machine gun

In time, maybe you will see people begin to agree
and drink tea with someone you haven’t seen and
In time, you still might look out from behind your wall
at your children in the street

People’s insides can be the hardest matter of all time
Bodies can be broken, but thoughts still carved in stone
From rock to rubble and rubble to dust,
A speck of sand in your eye won’t keep you from much

The words are fire burning all the time
Ashes in the air, on our skin, in our hearts
Maybe these bitter tongues still might make a sweeter sound
But we’re waiting for the movement of this moment to arrive
Track Name: Shalom L'Ben Dodi
O, peace to you, my love, so pure and ruddy!
  O, peace to you from her with cheeks of pomegranate
Towards your sister run, hasten you to save her
  And triumph like the son of Jesse o’er Ammon’s Rabbah
Wherefore, lovely girl, do you try to waken Love
  And make your voice ring out, cloaked in sounds of bells?

Shalom leben dodi hattzah veha'admon
Shalom lekha me'et raqqa kemo rimon

Liqrat ahotekha rutz tzei na lehoshi`ah
Utzlah keVen Yishai rabbat benei `Ammon.

Ma lekha yefefiya kite`oreri ahava
Ut'tzaltzeli qolekh cam`il beqol pa`amon.

שָׁלוֹם לְבן דּוֹדִי הַצַּח וְהָאַדְמוֹן
שָׁלוֹם לְךָ מֵאֵת רַקָּה כְמוֹ רִמּוֹן

לִקְרַאת אֲחוֹתְךָ רוּץ צֵא נָא לְהוֹשִׁיעָהּ
וּצְלַח כְּבֶן יִשָׁי רַבַּת בְּנֵי עַמּוֹן
מַה לָּךְ יְפֵהפִיָּה כִּי תְעוֹרְרִי אַהֲבָה
וּתְצַלְצְלִי קוֹלֵךְ כַּמְעִיל בְּקוֹל פַּעֲמוֹן
Track Name: Yuma Mwel el Hawa
لارا عليان
يما مويل الهوا يما مويليا

ضرب الخناجر ولا حكم النذل فيا

ومشيت تحت الشتا والشتا رواني

والصيف لما أتى ولع من نيراني

بيضل عمري انفدى ندر للحرية

يما مويل

يا ليل صاح الندى يشهد على جراحي

وانسل جيش العدا من كل النواحي

واليل شاف الردى عم يتعلم بيا

يما مويل الهوا

بارودة الجبل أعلى من العالي

مفتح درب الأمل والأمل برجالي

يا شعبنا يا بطل أفديك بعينيا

يما مويل الهوا
Track Name: Simple Gifts
'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come 'round right
Track Name: Waterslide Alchemy
Waterslide Alchemy By: Avi Salloway ©2012

Calabash gourds they’re filled with life
And balance on her head
Miles she’ll walk through Saharan heat
The water she will share

One sun shines down from the sky
On two different worlds below
One is marked by the blazing heat
The other by the snow
Sara she comes New Rochelle
The high-rise is her home
The finest schools and high class blues
Only darkness does she know

The sun burns red on the desert town
On Fatima’s dark chocolate skin
Her eyes they shine like northern lights
You can feel her heart within

Cultural waterslide alchemy
The women of the world
Share the fruit of your history
With every boy and girl

Lost in a world of lonely cash
Disillusioned from her heart
Sara she packed a bag of stash
Desperate to restart
She crossed the sea defiantly
Leaving the west behind
Landing in the Gambia
The light began to shine
She traveled with the Tuareg tribe
Across the Saharan dunes
Climbing the wall of survival
New York lived behind the moon
In the heat of the midday sun
She came to find the well
Sara she met Fatima’s eyes
All at once she could tell

Cultural waterslide alchemy
The women of the world
Share the fruit of your history
With every boy and girl

The rhythms of propensity
And the rivers of our lives
Unite the ones who subject themselves
To follow the light inside

Cultural waterslide alchemy
The women of the world
Share the fruit of your history
With every boy and girl
Track Name: Yalla Yalla
Farsi Transliteration

Yalla, yalla, yalla,
Ay delbare ziba
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Cam con sabre ma ra
Make haste, make haste
O, beautiful keeper of hearts
Lessen our wait
Lessen our anticipation
Lessen our wait
Lessen our anticipation